XDI Announces Outsourced Chili Production for Credit Unions

Apr 01, 2020


For more than 25 years, Xpress Data, Inc. has served credit unions by providing attractive, cost-effective solutions for printing and mailing member statements, notices, tax forms, and more. This April, we’re pleased to announce that we’re extending our product line to include our award-winning chili.

This move would make XDI the first statement printing company to also offer hot, delicious meals to clients. However, this “first” is not wholly unprecedented. In fact, XDI boasts many “firsts” in its history:

1996: XDI was the first to combine multiple notices in a single mailer, simplifying members’ lives while saving the credit union money.

2002: XDI was the first to merge the same types of notices, further driving organization, efficiency, and cost reductions.

2004: XDI developed a method to stop printing and sending duplicate files, reducing member confusion and credit union overhead.

When you look at the path of XDI, a history of innovation is readily apparent. Now, with the introduction of our outsourced chili production, we’re happy to plant our flag in new territory for credit unions yet again.

Our chili is amazing. Really. We’ve had the pleasure of trying hundreds of chilis during out chili cook-off events, so we’re pretty opinionated experts. And that expertise allows us to say, in full confidence, that we know how to stew a top-notch pot of beans and spices.

And we’re willing to send it to your credit union. So, with the time that you save by outsourcing your printing needs, you can use it to enjoy a steaming bowl of high-quality proteins, tomatoes, and peppers.

As with our outsourced document printing, XDI is able customize to your needs. For example, we can do:

  • Our original recipe with ground beef
  • Chicken, turkey, or other meats
  • Vegetarian options
  • Varying levels of spice, with peppers at any heat level

Additionally, we have multiple methods of delivery. We’re happy to send via regular post, but we’re sure you’ll love our eChili option, too. (eChili is where we send you a picture of the chili so that you can enjoy a less-filling, low calorie digital version.)

If you’re already in the XDI family, we can get you set up with chili very quickly. Simply give us a list of your dietary restrictions and allergies, and we’ll begin producing the perfect bowl for you.

Please allow several days for shipping. We also kindly request that you send back your empty pots and Tupperware—we have only so many to go around, and some have family history!

Additional Reading

If you got hungry reading this, we suggest you take a look at today’s date. While we know we’re good at making chili, we regret to inform you that our chili delivery is not a real option at this point. Instead of chili cook-offs, we’re now exhibiting our Cornhole skills! And while we hope you will keep our Cornhole Challenge on your calendar, due to the current climate we understand the hesitancy to commit at this time.

Instead, during this time, we want to continue to support your credit union and its members however we can. If there is anything we can help you with regarding your credit union’s document services, please let us know. This is a time when the industry motto of “people helping people” must truly shine. We’re ready to do our part.

Please, stay safe, stay healthy, and look out for each other.

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