What Kinds of Member Communications can Credit Unions Outsource?

Dec 03, 2019

Credit unions send many kinds of member communications every month. The most common type of member communication is probably account statements. However, statements only scratch the surface of what your credit union might want to—or have to—send.

So, if your credit union is considering outsourcing member communications, you might consider outsourcing other printing as well. In this article, we’ll discuss a few more of the most commonly outsourced member communications.


This is where it all begins. Vendors take your core-generated statement outputs and turn them into attractive, easy-to-read statements.

The speed, flexibility, and experience that vendors bring to this realm make it a fast, cost-effective option.


Another very common member communication to outsource are notices. Vendors handle tens of thousands of daily notices and letters per day. It could be for ACH, or NSF, or a courtesy pay. Volume is not an issue—if you need it, a vendor like XDI will print it.

For your basic member communications notices, vendors provide a convenient option for large- and small-scale printing runs. They have processes that allow even the smallest volumes into a production run, which saves credit unions time and money.

Tax Forms

Credit unions generate millions of member tax forms yearly. These forms are sensitive documents that members rely on for accounting and tax purposes. Help your members avoid tax-season surprises and audits! Ensure reliable dissemination of tax forms by hiring a vendor.


Surveys help your credit union understand member experience. They can also help you with strategic planning. All in all, they’re an extremely useful strategic tool.

If your credit union has developed a survey for your members, XDI or another vendor should be able to help you design, print, and send it.


Many vendors, XDI included, go beyond mere financial communications. Coupons are an easy way to add value to members both in and out of their credit union.

Credit unions have the flexibility to print any number of coupons in a single package. That package can be sent with an explanatory cover page and even an optional supply of courtesy reply envelopes.


Not all member communications are easily categorized. And yet, there’s so much to communicate! Either you or your vendor (if they’re creative enough for the task) can design marketing or informational communications to send your members. These may include:

  • Terms and conditions
  • Disclosures
  • Rates sheets
  • Coupons
  • Event promotions
  • Forms
  • Calendars
  • Charity announcements
  • Program invitations
  • Shameless marketing plugs

Your imagination is the limit for inserts. If it can fit into an envelope, then your vendor should be able to include those materials into a mailer.

Other Print Assets and Collateral

Outsourced print vendors are able to handle most or all of the above needs in addition to other standard alerts and notices. Some of the less-common print requests we’re set up to handle quickly include one-off communications such as credit card compromise letters.

Vendors are better able to handle one-off print requests because they’re set up to quickly manage and deliver any document needs. After all, that’s their entire job! When it comes to one-off and non-standard communications, vendors will be much faster and more effective than in-house solutions.

Further Reading

At XDI, we take great pride in what we’re able to do for our partners. Honestly, we love when credit unions ask us if we’re able to help them with something different or new.

We want to do anything we can to improve our services and, by extension, yours.

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