XDI's eXpressMessaging is a full-features, self service bulk email communication tool that credit unions can use to send unlimited emails and SMS text messages to their members. This email blast service allows credit unions to communicate more effectively with any members - including those who are not "opted-in" to receive their Notices, Tax Forms or Statements electronically.

  • On-Demand email messaging
  • High volume channel for Opt-in member communications, optimized to adhere to ICANN specifications.
  • Create your own HTML or text-based templates with token-driven variable content.

  • Track impressions and click-through rates to know which members have seen your messages. Use this tracking information to create follow up campaigns for members that have expressed interest.

    Bulk PDF
    A boon to your archives: Any document created by XDI can be returned to the credit union in PDF format. The credit union may optionally receive these electronic documents as a single or multi-page PDF file.  An Adobe Embedded Index, Adobe External Catalog, or imaging-system-specific custom index can also be provided.

    XpressCoupons are printed three-up on one sheet of paper. Credit unions have the flexibility of printing any number of coupons in a single packet that’s mailed to members with an explanatory cover page and a supply of optional Courtesy Reply Envelopes. A turnkey outbound service that is easily outsourced.

    The credit union (or XDI!) can design an 8 ½ x 11 marketing or informational piece that keeps credit union members informed in a very cost effective manner. Think of anything, like terms & conditions, disclosures, rate sheets, coupons, event promotions, forms, calendars, charity announcements, program invitations, flat-out shameless advertising and a variety of any other marketing pieces. The document is printed in high resolution grayscale, in-line with any statement, notice or letter - and it typically rides along in the envelope with no additional postage needed!