Our XpressStatement process is simple to use - but the results are extraordinary! Transmit your standard core-generated statement files to XDI where we’ll transform them for attractive, member-friendly presentation on the page with higher output efficiency. Available document options vary by core, here are several examples of what we can bring to the table:

Appearance   We use carefully chosen proportional fonts with varied sizes, italics and bolding to highlight important information. Borders and boxes and transaction encapsulation (oh my!) are generated electronically, never force-fit, so document elements flow seamlessly with each member’s specific account information.

Member-Friendly Design   Account summaries are generated and can be placed anywhere. Account specific column headings improve the clarity of presented information. Eliminate trapped white space. Smarter shaded bars that make statements easier to read.

Printing Efficiency   Reduce transaction print lines (and cost) by concatenating detail records. Three to four line POS transactions typically display as one or two XpressStatement lines. As experts in document formatting to reduce page volume (and cost), we routinely achieve up to 35% fewer statement pages when compared to core-standard print outputs.

Messages   On-statement messages can be placed almost anywhere in the body of the document. Dynamic messages handle complex requirements based on member-specific conditions; variables and wild cards are available and we support graphical content. XDI-created member statements can be a powerful channel for credit union marketing, compliance and announcements.

Inserts   Inserts (stuffers) can be sent to XDI for inclusion with all or select statements. Or XDI can even order them for you. If you opt for this alternative, we take all the responsibility for ensuring they are compatible with our equipment and are at our facility on-time. We even discount the inserting cost by 100% (it's FREE) when you order through XDI.

Ways to cut Credit Union costs with XpressStatement:

  • Combine credit card statements with regular member statements
  • Eliminate custom paper and envelopes
  • Duplex print to cut paper cost - less filing space for members who file
  • Re-engineer disclosures, reconciliation forms, stuffed inserts 
  • Statement re-design to knock down the number of output pages
  • Encourage membership to opt-in for efficient electronic delivery
  • Take advantage of XDI’s extraordinary postage discounts