Winston Churchill famously declared, “There is no such thing as a good tax,” but the production team at XDI will tell you there’s definitely a terrific tax form!

Credit unions generate many millions of member tax forms every year - important, sensitive documents that garner special attention from compliance executives to members.  Government-mandated form revisions can come with little lead time and the regulations have teeth!  XDI suggests deep breaths  - and consider our XpressTax services for highly automated production and delivery of all member tax forms commonly in use today.

Our XpressTax production systems have complete, built-in document integrity and accountability features.  Credit unions rely on XDI’s straightforward online survey to define tax form processing needs and preferences.  Then we take your native data feeds and deliver tax forms that are professionally composed, accurate and crisply laser printed via traditional U.S. Postal mail, and/or securely uploaded for Internet Banking electronic document channels.

XpressTax advanced functionality includes:

  • Combining multiple tax forms for the same member into one outgoing envelope for potentially significant postage cost reduction
  • Flexibility to adapt tax documents to your specific requirements
  • Multi-level document integrity validation to eliminate double stuffs
  • eDocument delivery options (see eXpressServices for more information)
  • PDF copies of all tax forms, indexed to your specifications and returned
    to the credit union
  • Fillable PDFs of standard tax forms provided at no extra charge
  • Deeply discounted postage rates
  • Tax form proofs and detailed production reports for your review, approval and peace of mind prior to final document generation
  • Optional member ID and SSN redaction, suppression or replacement
  • List-based or rule-based tax form suppression capabilities