XDI Office
All of XDI's resources and attention are focused exclusively on document services for credit unions. Financial institutions across the U.S. transmit data files for member statements, notices, letters and tax forms to XDI where they are formatted to exact specifications of each individual organization. The customized documents are printed & delivered via USPS First Class or Certified Mail, viewed electronically through integration with home banking platforms or supplied as PDFs ready for local archiving. Credit union clients enjoy substantial production and postage cost savings and significantly improved quality, efficiency and appearance of member communications. Creating credit union documents is not just another service provided by XDI - it is a matter of pride, deep experience and surely our core competency.

Founded in 1995 as Xpress Data Imaging, our company began as a "mom & pop" all-purpose digital printing & mailing operation with an actual mom and pop (and daughter, son, grandparents ... you get the picture). In 1999, we made a major strategic decision to focus entirely on credit union member correspondence - and shortened our name to Xpress Data, Inc. XDI's founders and leadership team have built their entire careers around document management service endeavors, but we found our home in the credit union industry.

Today, XDI serves more than 230 prestigious credit unions, collectively representing over $360 billion in assets, over 15% of the industry total! And our documents are received by over 21 million members nationwide. We respect and appreciate this large and important audience, while at the same time remaining committed to significant investment in service process improvements that drive tangible dollar savings for our credit union clients.