XDI's Credit Union Challenge Series

The best thing about being a part of the credit union community is the people. At XDI, we love getting people together to have some fun and give a little back to the communities that we all serve. That's why, starting in 2013 with the First Annual Credit Union Chili Challenge, XDI began a series of events that would bring together credit unions from across the country to compete and raise money for their favorite charities.

Although things appear to be improving, conditions are still not quite ideal for an event that will live up to our expectations. It's still a little too early to be able to plan and commit to an in-person event - and that's what it's really all about: getting together and seeing our credit union friends.

With that in mind, we're really looking forward to seeing you all soon, so stay tuned!

In 2020, getting together in person became a very difficult prospect, but we didn't let that stop us from challenging our credit union friends. We introduced the Credit Union Trivia Challenge, a virtual event that attracted competitors from across the country and matched up individuals from different credit unions to team up and compete together for charity.

2021 planning is still in progress, so we're not exactly sure what form the challenge will take this year. The landscape is a bit unpredictable out there, but rest assured - The challenge will come!

Be ready!

In 2019, XDI brought the popular lawn game Cornhole to the Credit Union industry, giving teams a chance to win cash prizes for their favorite charities totaling over $25,000! Teams from all across the country gathered in sunny Del Mar, California, and enjoyed a wonderful day of competition and fun.

You may also have participated in smaller Cornhole Challenge events at various tradeshows throughout the 2019 season.

When conditions allow, we plan to bring back the Cornhole Challenge in all of its forms. We're just as excited as you are to get back out there, but until we're all safe to meet in person, this event in on stand-by in favor of virtual events.

Starting in 2013 with the first annual Credit Union Chili Challenge, XDI began a tradition of friendly competition and rivalry among our credit union clients and friends.

Our connection to chili goes way back. Carol Hancock, wife of retired Vice President Dave Hancock, won the International Chili Society World's Championship with her special blend of chili seasoning and over-the-top recipe. You may be a fan of her spices already, as it's the very same blend we share with you as XDI's World's Championship Chili Seasoning.

It's this established love for chili paired with our desire to give back and have some fun with our credit union community that lead to the kick-off of this event. From 2013 to 2018, we raised almost $100,000 for charitable causes and created some amazing memories!