Growing the XDI Family

Feb 18, 2020

Xpress Data Inc. began as a family business, and although we’ve grown over the years, we still bring that spirit to what we do. As we’ve grown, so has our family, and we consider our employees and the credit unions we serve to be extensions of that family.

The unofficial motto of credit unions is “people helping people.” That motto is at the core of what we do, and it informs all of our strategic decisions. Every month, we help hundreds of credit unions with their statements, notices, and other critical member documents. To better support those in the credit union community, we’ve added another location and added more employees to continue providing outstanding service.

Providing Better Document Services


To continue our commitment to “people helping people,” we’d like to announce another addition to our family. Anne McClure will join our executive team as the Vice President.

Anne brings more than 25 years of executive experience in the credit union industry. Her roles included Vice President of Marketing, Chief of Staff, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Executive Officer. We are thrilled to bring on someone with such a strong commitment to the credit union movement. Her knowledge of and love for those we serve fits seamlessly into our strategy to further support credit unions.

Moving from a credit union to a vendor environment felt like a natural move. Anne explains, “I was initially drawn to XDI due to its culture and business model of focused support on the credit union industry. Like credit unions, XDI is fixated on doing right by its members and clients. This service mentality drives every decision made.” Anne adds, “I embrace the XDI mission of ‘earning your business every day,’ because it keeps all employees grounded and focused on why we are here.”

Anne’s passion for the industry and extensive leadership background provide a steady driving force for XDI. Plus, her comfort with the pace of credit union document services will continue pushing XDI forward; Anne says, “While I came for the culture and the business model, I am even more impressed by the innovation and technology we employ at XDI every day.”

Nimble Support for Credit Unions


With Anne’s guidance, XDI will continue to focus exclusively on supporting credit unions and the people who make them run. This concentration allows us to perfect our document services for one specific industry.

Our specialization also ensures that we can react quickly to emergent needs in the industry. And owing to our strong familial relationships with credit unions, we’re happy to add new services as requested. In fact, some of our best features and products have come from a credit union question or request!

With Anne’s expert knowledge and guidance, we look forward to further simplifying credit union processes. Let us know how we can make life at your credit union easier!

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