XDI’s XpressTax Service Saves the Day Again!

On January 19th of this year, XDI received a call from a credit union in need of help. Their vendor was not going to do be able to produce their required tax documents. With only 12 days to go, time was running short.

While this credit union was not a current client of XDI, they are part of the credit union community and we could appreciate the distress they were feeling with the pressure of meeting their members’ expectations and regulatory timeframes. By the end of the same day we were able to implement our nondisclosure and service agreements. The credit union was immediately set up with SFTP abilities and access to the online client portal. By the next day the credit union provided us with data; and before the deadline, all of their members’ tax documents were accurately produced and placed in the mail. All thanks to the streamlined processes and standardization of the XpressTax® service and XDI’s committed Client Services team.

At XDI we serve 143 tax clients, all with varying needs. As of the end of this first tax hurdle of the year, we have proudly delivered on all of our clients’ commitments in a timely and efficient manner!