What happened to XDI's Annual Credit Union Chili Challenge?

Over the past six years XDI has helped credit unions raise money for charity with the Credit Union Chili Challenge. We decided to try something new for 2019! This year, XDI's Credit Union Cornhole Challenge will allow even more people to participate, while also allowing for more networking time among players in this very social game.

Cooking is a big commitment and can make it somewhat difficult for credit unions outside of Southern California to participate. Everyone can toss a bean bag and this fun game doesn’t require any additional supplies like a chili cook-off does, so we are hoping for a great turnout and to raise lots of money for charity.

We have also lowered the entrance fee to just $50 per two-person team so that credit unions of all sizes can send their best players to our inaugural event and have a great chance to win prize money to donate to their favorite charity.

Click here to visit XDI's Credit Union Cornhole Challenge page!

Free Chili Cookoff Kit

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