Credit Union Chili Challenge Kit

The first step to participate in XDI's Credit Union Chili Challenge is picking a team. Here are 4 different ways to do that:

1. Choose Your Team

Simply choose who you would like to compete in the Chili Challenge and sign them up. You'll need a minimum of two team members, a head cook and at least one helper, but the more the merrier. Also, pick an awesome team name and theme, and be prepared to decorate your booth to impress.

2. Crock Pot Cookoff

This is the easiest way to hold a fun event and get into the spirit of chili cookoff competition. Encourage each department (or employee-chosen teams) to cook their best chili at home and bring it in a crock pot to be judged by your executives. The winning team will move on to compete in the Chili Challenge.

3. Onsite Employee CookOff

If you're ready to ramp up the competition and offer your employees a great team-building event, host a chili cookoff onsite. Click here to see a video of Pacific Marine Credit Union's employee chili cookoff.

4. Onsite Chili Cookoff Blowout!

Take the Employee Cookoff to the next level by inviting your members to participate. This is a great way to boost employee morale, bond with your community partners (i.e. police/fire/schools) and get your members involved in the Chili Fun.
Download the free files below to get started!